4 Steps To Improving Your Writing

If you want to improve your writing, there are 4 things you have to do: ask questions, research, practice, and get feedback.

First, ask questions about what you are trying to accomplish. Different types of writing require different structures and techniques. An email, for example, is not written the same way as a resume. Formal and informal writing are also very different. So, start by asking questions.

  • What are you writing?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What expectations do they have?
  • What structure should you follow?
  • Where can you find good examples of this kind of writing?
  • What tone should you use?
  • How can you create this tone?
  • What tips and advice can you find on how to do this type of writing?
  • What are common mistakes people make when doing this kind of writing?

Second, you need to do research. You will need to find information and tips on HOW to write whatever it is that you are writing. You will also need to find examples to analyze and follow. It’s important that these are GOOD examples. Be careful while doing your research and make sure you are using reliable sources. There is a lot of bad information on the internet.

The third step is to practice. You can’t improve a skill if you don’t work at improving it every day. Study and research are important, but to really improve, you need to sit down and write. You need to implement the things you learn and imitate other writing that you have already analyzed.

Lastly, you need feedback. You need to ask someone who knows MORE than you about the type of writing you are trying to do. You can’t just ask a friend or coworker, as their opinion may be biased or uninformed. This means you might need to hire an editor or tutor (especially if you are preparing for a writing exam.) And if you are applying for an important job position, it would be a good idea to hire a professional resume writer to help you create an outstanding resume. Job markets are often VERY competitive, so the investment is usually worth it.

Anyhow, that’s it!

That is how you improve your English writing skills, regardless of what type of writing you are doing. With all this said, bear in mind that good writers study other good writers and good writing… English teachers may be able to help you with the basics of good writing, but if you want to learn how to run a blog in English, you should get advice from other bloggers.

This means that ESL teachers aren’t the best resource for people who are looking to improve their writing. Learning from English teachers who teach English speakers would be better, and learning from writers with experience would be best.

Another note… grammar is important, but good grammar does not always equal good writing. Writing involves a lot more than grammar. It also involves structure, word choice, rhythm, sentence patterns, transition phrases etc. These are all things you should research. And remember, the rules are different depending on what kind of writing you are doing.

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Written by Stefanie

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