How NOT To Flirt In English

Yesterday I had the pleasure of overhearing a conversation that still makes me want to vomit.

It was a guy flirting hopelessly with a girl for a whole hour. And, thanks to their chat, I’m now convinced I need to make a course on how to flirt and how NOT to flirt in English, you know… for the sake of humanity and all things holy.

So, being that it’s Valentine’s day, the day where people celebrate their love by giving each other roses, stuffed animals, and waiting in line for hours only to sit at crowded restaurants, let’s analyze this guys “game” and why he has none.

First, I was working at my computer, minding my own business….

Then I overheard him tell the girl, “I have a list of every book I ever read. Want to see it?”

And I automatically thought, “What? No! Put that away. Stop trying to show everyone.”

Ladies, anytime any man tries to show you their “big” anything before you actually know each other, RUN.

Next comment: “You don’t know anything.”

Wow, really?

Ladies, do you really want a man who insults your intelligence?

Wait, though, it get’s better…

“I’ve spent so much money on boats…”

Lord, help us.

Anytime anyone has to flash around anything about their money, how much they make, or how much they spend, it’s safe to question their integrity, and perhaps even their intentions.

And finally…

This guy tells her, “You don’t trust me… I wish you trusted me…”

Ladies, when a man has to ask you to trust him, that’s when you know you can’t.

Anyhow, I hope you all have a safe and fun Valentine’s Day if you celebrate it, and I hope you enjoyed this bit of humor.

I don’t have a course about dating in English (yet), but you might be interested in this guide.

It’s about how to connect with native English speakers online so you can practice your English.

Read it, enjoy it, and implement what you learn.

Whatever you do, just don’t flirt with any lame pick-up lines!

Talk soon,

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