The Book That Changed My Life

When I was 17, my best friend told me about a self-development book that was a “must read.”

She went on and on about how it helped her improve her communication skills and have better relationships with people.

She said I HAD to read it.

But I ignored her suggestion because I was too busy living my life and doing whatever else seemed more important.

Then, years later, I found the book and read it.

… and she was right.

Not only did it change the way I thought about life, but it helped me communicate more effectively & build powerful relationships with friends, mentors, colleagues, and people all over the world.

If I had known the impact this book would have on my life, I would have read it the day my friend suggested it to me.

She gave me the perfect solution to a problem I didn’t even know I had.

Needless to say, I’m forever grateful for this book and reread it every year. It has helped me become the leader I am today, and I recommend it to almost everyone I meet.

So, today I’m recommending it to YOU.

It’s called “How To Win Friends And Influence People,” by Dale Carnegie.

But before you get it, here are some things you should know…

First, this book is not an “easy” read.

You’ll probably find hundreds of new words, expressions, and idioms that you’ve never heard before. Meaning, if you don’t have an advanced level of reading comprehension, you should read this book in your native language.

Even I found new words the first time I read it!

And that’s probably because the book was originally published in 1936, and lots of the words are no longer part of everyday speech… because, well, languages evolve, remember?

But 80 years later it continues to be a best seller all over the world, and there’s a good reason for that…

…the author proposes such thought-provoking ideas that you often have to read the same sentence multiple times just to reflect on its meaning.

It really makes you THINK!

Next, don’t worry about looking up every new word in the dictionary. Doing this just distracts from the message of the text and –more importantly– it’s tedious, boring work!

Finally, I suggest purchasing a physical copy of this book so you can highlight and underline important ideas. I love taking notes directly in my books, and I put *stars* by things I don’t want to forget.

This is a book everyone should own, read, and study.

I know you want to improve your English, and that’s why I’m recommending it to you.

The communication skills it teaches are a million times more important than “perfect” grammar and “native-like” fluency– COMBINED.

So, if you care about having better relationships, being a leader, and leading a successful, happy life… then read this book!

You won’t regret it 🙂

And after you read it (or if you’ve already read it), tell us what you learned in the comments below.

All for now,

Written by Stefanie

Hi! I’m Stefanie and I am NOT a fan of traditional English classes. They are boring, slow, and ineffective. As a language learner myself (fluent in Spanish and learning French, Italian, and Portuguese), I know EXACTLY what it takes to master a language - and surprisingly it has nothing to do with worksheets, textbooks, or memorizing vocabulary. That’s why I created English FULL:TIME. It has helped thousands of people around the world learn REAL English and get REAL life-changing results! Life is too short to waste time and money on expensive, poorly designed English courses. If you agree, start transforming your English today with one of my FREE guides.


  1. Abhimanyu

    I also read before. And do agree, the book is really awesome. Though some of the concept are really hard to implement in real life, but overall it’s good.

  2. Stefanie, The English Coach

    You’re right! They are SUPER hard to implement… we’ll never be perfect, but as long as we keep learning and trying… I think that’s what counts 😀

  3. Arumugam Nachimuthu

    I also read this book when I was young. Truly i was looking for a book like this because i was managing our farm and a tough job to deal with people. I thought would be great if i could find a book that helps me with human relationship. It is very interesting (still) we take human relationship for granted. But rarely pay attention to it. but which is not least important in anyway. the first lesson l learned from this book was blaming has no value at all. you cannot change people by blaming and his striking example of criminals who never confessed but defended themselves and blamed back people who accused them. This drastically changed how i then deal with human relationship problems. in carnegie’s word they are not techniques he has put it on the book but a way of living he tries to convey. Great you recommend this book for English learners.

  4. Daniel

    I totally agree with you!

    I already read that awesome book twice in Portuguese (I’m from Brazil) and one in English.
    My wife introduced me to that Dale Carnegie’s book, when we start to dating, because she works to the company Dale Carnegie Inc… So I decided to do the course Dale Carnegir Course that is based in the book How to Win Friends and Influence People…
    The course and the book are really great!!!!! They changed my life for the better.

    For more information:

  5. Roman

    Anybody read "How to live on 24 hours a day" by Arnold Bennett? Old book, 1907. I read Carnegie about 10 year ago and was very excited right after reading it but then gradually cooled down. Though the general impact was great, some aspects of my behavior that i never thought of were brought to my attention. Still Bennett’s book i like more. I guess each to their own. And in no way i’m comparing these books, they are about different things, just share my experience)

  6. Dima

    Some years ago I found out about that greatest book and, of course, read it in the native language. That is a kind of book should reread again and again. It written so simple and easy at least in my native language that some people find it not enough serious. Such a feature holds them back from understanding the main thought.

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