The BEST Strategy To Find English Speaking Partners

English learners frequently ask me how to find speaking partners, so today I’m going to give you one of my BEST strategies.

First of all, finding people to practice your English with is the easy part… you just have to know where to look.

You can use…

In these places, you will instantly find hundreds of people who are eager to practice their English. 

But, when searching for a partner, most people make the mistake of writing something like, “Hey, I want to practice my English! If anyone wants to chat, please let me know.”

99% of the time these comments are unsuccessful.

Either nobody answers you, or you attract beginners who don’t even know how to have a conversation.

There is a MUCH better way.

First, instead of making a generic, short comment that’s all about what YOU want, make a comment that’s…

1. More personal

2. Offers something the other person wants

You have to understand that you are marketing yourself. You’re making an offer, and you want people to accept it.

In a way, you’re selling something.

You’re selling the idea of practicing with YOU.

So let me ask, why should a complete stranger want to talk with you?

What’s in it for them?

Think about it this way…

If I represented a hygiene company, and I created ads that simply said:

  • Buy our toothpaste.

  • Use our shampoo.

  • Wash your hands with our soap.

Do you think I’d be successful?

No, my business would fail!

You need to CONNECT with your customer and give them GOOD reasons to invest in you, your company, and your product.

Again, when you are advertising the fact that you want a partner, you are marketing yourself to others and you want them to “buy” your offer.

So, you will be much more successful by making a thoughtful introduction, sharing some personal facts about yourself, and then making an offer that BENEFITS the other person like…

“Hey! I just read your comment and I realized you’re from Brazil. That’s so cool! I went there with my wife in 2015 and it was beautiful. We’re actually planning to go back next year. Anyhow, I saw in your comment that you are struggling with your speaking skills, and I was thinking maybe we can practice together. You can help me prepare for my trip to Brazil by telling me all the places I should visit. And this way we can improve our English together. What do you think? :)”


That’s how you do it 🙂


You build trust with a complete stranger by being friendly and sharing a few personal details about yourself. Then you make an offer that benefits them.

Who can resist that?

This strategy works almost EVERY time.

Use it, and soon you’ll have many friends to practice your English with.

That’s the power of using psychology & marketing strategies to find partners.

Anyhow, if you want to find new partners TODAY, just use this strategy to respond to some of the comments in the “Welcome” section of our private membership program. You can instantly connect with other awesome English learners and schedule calls to improve your speaking skills.

Here’s the link:

Talk soon,

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Written by Stefanie

Hi! I’m Stefanie and I am NOT a fan of traditional English classes. They are boring, slow, and ineffective. As a language learner myself (fluent in Spanish and learning French, Italian, and Portuguese), I know EXACTLY what it takes to master a language - and surprisingly it has nothing to do with worksheets, textbooks, or memorizing vocabulary. That’s why I created English FULL:TIME. It has helped thousands of people around the world learn REAL English and get REAL life-changing results! Life is too short to waste time and money on expensive, poorly designed English courses. If you agree, start transforming your English today with one of my FREE guides.


  1. JARV

    Hi Stef, I’m learning english nowadays, usually I’m looking on youtube for video tutorials that could help me to improve my skills, among those options I found your youtube channel, I suscribed on it after watch one of your videos and I’ve began to know more about your channel and your enlgishfulltime platform. Thanks for sharing your knowlegde and experience.
    Read you soon…

  2. victor

    Hi I am victor from burkina faso and i follow your stategies about learning english but i find it really great. if you have any others way please help me. have a nice day.

  3. Ishag

    Hi teacher I really missed you and I really appreciate to you

  4. Duval

    Hi teacher I would like you help me to speak English it’s my dream

  5. vionaldo st fleur

    Hi, my name is Vionaldo ST FLEUR
    I explored on YouTube ,and i found your channel, i’ve suddenly subscribed after listening your first word , cause you sound like I’d like to sound , so clear……. I recognized that i’ve made an error after reading your platform, my error is just I wrote my number in a comment in thinking that you’ll be able to helping me sound native like you, but i’m going to be following your advise , thanks for sharing those videos with us !!!!

  6. اساور العبيدي

    I just wanna say something about the exchange apps
    the idea of exchange languages is great but most of people there not care that much about learning u even may have doubt if they want to learn at all I was using speaky for like 1 year and all I get is people who want to be in a relationship and u can see that from their accounts like it always written there I wanna friends for ever and like we gonna practise English for ever, and coz of that I give up the idea of practise with other people but instead of that I’m gonna make videos in english and teach English at home and I’m talking a lot with myself and I’ll take this point to practise English
    Thank u so much to offer these tips ??

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