Why Most People Struggle To Get Fluent

Today I want to tell you one of the reasons why people struggle to get fluent.

First, you need two things to achieve fluency in a language:

  1. Input
  2. Output

Input refers to learning, studying and absorbing a language.

Most people are very good at this.

  • You listen to music
  • You watch your favorite movies
  • You read books
  • You take classes

…all in your target language.

BUT, that’s only half of the puzzle.

The other half is output– you need to produce, create, and communicate.


But you can’t do this alone.

You need to interact with others because that’s how you’ll know if you are communicating clearly.

Most language learners only absorb their target language.

They never…

  • use the language to interact with others
  • create material in the language they are learning

Fortunately, doing this is easier than you think!

Here are some ideas…

  • You can start a YouTube channel in English
  • You can start an Instagram account in English
  • You can start a podcast in English

You won’t be good at writing and recording yourself in the beginning, but the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

When I give this advice, most English learners say things like, “Oh, but my English is so bad! I need to improve it so I can make videos…”

What they fail to realize is that…

Making content in English is how you will improve your English.

I have a friend who is a non-native English speaker.

His English is phenomenal.

When I asked how he got so good, he said…

“Well, my English was awful… so I started a podcast… 100 episodes later, my English was amazing.”

THAT is the mindset you need to have.

Anyhow, if you want to create content in English, I encourage you to start an Instagram account.

There, you can post every day in English.

You can make videos.

You can write and share your thoughts.

And, best of all, you can be part of our amazing #englishfulltime community.

Just follow my account @theenglishcoach to get started.

Then, when you post something, tag my account and use the hashtag #englishfulltime.

Do this every day, and watch how your English improves. 🙂

Here’s the link to my account:


I can’t wait to see what you CREATE in English!!

Written by Stefanie

Hi! I’m Stefanie and I am NOT a fan of traditional English classes. They are boring, slow, and ineffective. As a language learner myself (fluent in Spanish and learning French, Italian, and Portuguese), I know EXACTLY what it takes to master a language - and surprisingly it has nothing to do with worksheets, textbooks, or memorizing vocabulary. That’s why I created English FULL:TIME. It has helped thousands of people around the world learn REAL English and get REAL life-changing results! Life is too short to waste time and money on expensive, poorly designed English courses. If you agree, start transforming your English today with one of my FREE guides.


  1. Kimberly

    Because for me speaking in English is very useful.I have a strong desire to communicate with interesting people and surprisingly most of them speak English even here in the Philippines.

  2. martin

    I’ve watch some of your videos Ms. Stefanie and I even downloaded it into mp3 so I can listen to it everyday. But I will try to make a video and post it on youtube. I am not sure but I’ll give a try.

  3. Jenny Nguyen

    Hi, i’m learning English, my level is intermediate. But i feel not confident with my English ability through speaking, writing and listening. I see English is the most tricky language to learn. I feel struggle when expressing my thoughts due to lack of vocabularies. I hear CNN news everyday, even i just understand a little, i read english book. But i feel difficult to remember the vocabs. I love your channel, and what you speak, i could understand all.

  4. Alice Alfredo

    I’ve been studying , but till now I’m not confidence ,so listening your videos I’m trying to be.I really appreciente your work Stefanie.

  5. Wagner

    Hello stephany I have been watching your vídeos I like it

  6. Gilberto

    Hi, Stephany I listen some of your video are very interesting, running to fast for my to undestand. I know is part of the process to speak and learn english fluency.

  7. Khalid Khan

    I’ve always loved the way you teach English. A lot of skills I’ve added to my “skills box” through your videos. I’d love to have friends that can speak with me in English (intermediate and advanced level speakers) in order to practice the skills I’ve. Practice is the only thing that leads us to perfectness, which is zero in my case.

  8. اساور العبيدي

    I don’t know what to say coz this is the first time I write a comment in English and I’m really exciting about it , I’m doing this coz I really enjoy learning English from u, I saw ur videos on YouTube and I really like them I keep listening to them all the time and I mean it like my family start saying just shut ur phone down we can’t sleep
    I’m listening to them when I work ,have a shower and even sleeping, and u couldn’t belive that I even made videos for myself saying what did u say anyway I wish u understand what I said
    U ‘re amazin

  9. Robert Dai

    Thankyou Stefanie,I like to watch your videoes everyday。Thankyou for sharing!

  10. Nordron

    Hey Stefani! I am Nordron from Tibet China. I am so happy to see your video on the internet last year . Thank you so so much for helping us. I love your voice and the way you speaking, I am shadowing your every video every morning , I shadowed you for almost several hundred times . Waiting for your update is one of the most excited things for me . Learning English well and go to America to visit is one of my big dream in my whole life. Again thank you so much! And I love you! I hope you can come to Tibet to visit one day in the future too. And I can’t wait for your reply!

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