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Are you a non-native English speaker who is using English to reach your personal & professional goals? Great! I made English Full:Time for YOU.

I’m here to help you…

  1. Improve your English & become an excellent communicator
  2. Find new, amazing opportunities that only this language can provide
  3. Be confident whenever you open your mouth and speak English
  4. Not be intimidated by native English speakers or situations where you have to use English
  5. Live wherever you want & be surrounded by awesome, supportive people
  6. Connect with native English speakers online and offline
  7. Live life on your terms and use English to reach your goals
  8. Enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life because of your success

Here’s some info about me…

learning Spanish

  • My parents are from Argentina and immigrated to the USA before I was born
  • I wasn’t taught Spanish growing up, so I decided to learn it on my own when I was 14
  • I spent 3 years in an immersion program that was actually for native Spanish speakers
  • I studied Spanish in college, was 6 months away from getting my degree and QUIT because the program was poorly designed and I didn’t like it
  • I studied Spanish in Argentina in 2013 through my American university’s study abroad program and ended up meeting my husband Renzo (I call him Ren) there on day ONE!
  • After 10 years studying Spanish in traditional education systems and 5 years living abroad in Argentina, I finally learned the "secrets" to learning a foreign language and speaking it confidently.

Travel & Living abroad

  • Ren and I have since lived in and traveled to 7 countries (Argentina, USA, Italy, Ireland, UK, Denmark, Switzerland), but have spent the majority of our time in Argentina, the USA, & Italy


  • I started my teaching career in 2009 and started my own private, local California-based tutoring business in 2010.
  • I shut down my private tutoring business in 2013 right before my trip abroad to Argentina
  • I then created English Full:Time so I could work independently, do what I love, and be able to live in 2 countries-- the USA & Argentina where Ren & I both have family
  • I help people all over the world improve their confidence & fluency in English as well as their professional networking & communication skills
  • I currently offer courses and a private online video platform. For more information about my offers, sign up for my daily newsletter or email me at

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