The TRUTH about speaking English confidently


Here's the truth... will ALWAYS lack confidence in English until you decide to be confident.

Many people think if their vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, fluency, etc improve...

... their confidence issues will magically disappear.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that.

Confidence is a choice. 

But it's not easy to BE something you don't FEEL.


Because of your thoughts.

I don't know if you know this, but our thoughts influence our feelings. And up until now, you've probably been telling yourself things like...

  • My accent is terrible!
  • People think I sound silly!
  • I don't sound professional!

These phrases are the reason you lack confidence when you speak English.

And if you keep focusing on everything you lack, you'll never overcome this issue.

So, start by acknowledging your accomplishments and allowing yourself to feel GOOD about them.

  • You have worked hard on your English!
  • You will keep improving!
  • Your ideas are worth sharing!

To be confident, you have to change your perspective and take control of the voice in your head.  

Instead, of putting yourself down, try this:

"My English is FANTASTIC! I've come a long way, and I keep improving every day. It's OK to make mistakes, and the only one who's been judging me and making me feel bad for them is MYSELF. Enough is enough! I choose to be confident when I speak English."

It's time to flip the switch and reject your insecurities. 

You have more control than you realize.

So, think about everything you want to accomplish and how you want to feel on a daily basis... you don't have time to waste!

You can start speaking English confidently right NOW, but you have to make the choice. 

Your English isn't half as bad as you think it is, so give yourself some credit and stop with the negative thoughts!

And remember, no one's harder on you than you are on yourself.

That's it. :) 

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