The BEST Strategy To Find English Speaking Partners

English learners ask me all the time how to find partners to practice their English with, so today I’m going to give you one of my BEST strategies.

First of all, finding people to speak English with is the easy part… you just have to know where to look.

You can use…

  • Popular language exchange apps like HelloTalk , Speaky, & Tandem
  • The comment section of my YouTube videos
  • Our private online video platform
  • The private Facebook group for my Connect & Communicate course

Those are just a FEW of the places where you can start.

But, the biggest mistake I see is when you say something like, “Hey, I want to practice my English! If anyone wants to chat, please let me know.”

99% of the time these comments are unsuccessful.

Either nobody answers you, or you attract beginners who don’t even know how to have a conversation.

There is a MUCH better way.