English learners all over the world say, "This is like a whole new world! I didn’t know these things existed.”

Speak Clearly & Confidently To ANYONE, Get A Better Job & Higher Salary, Learn The Secrets Of Excellent Communication!

Dear friend,

If you already understand English and use this language every day, then you definitely aren’t looking for “another English course.”

Sure, you want to improve your pronunciation, increase your vocabulary, speak fluently, and feel confident…

… but you know that traditional classes, worksheets, & pronunciation tips aren’t the answer.

You are ready for something DIFFERENT.


It’s a “one-of-a-kind,” online course that…

  1. Gives you the opportunity to improve your English by connecting with native English speakers around the world
  2. Teaches you POWERFUL communication skills that can transform your confidence, conversations, and your life.
  3. Prepares you for new OPPORTUNITIES that are in line with your goals, dreams, and desires.

One thing my students have told me over and over again is:

“I'm so glad I found this course! It’s so different, I can’t believe it. The things you teach are so helpful. This has really changed my life!”

Why are they so shocked by this course?

Because Connect & Communicate is the ONLY course in the world that combines English learning with personal & professional development.

It’s nothing like traditional English courses and it is NOT for beginners. This course is only for people who already understand English and have basic conversations skills (or better).


Connect & Communicate is a 12-week course.

Each week you will receive access to new video training.

  • In weeks 1-4, you learn how to connect with native English speakers and get people to talk with you.
  • In weeks 5-8, we dive into advanced communication skills— like how to be a good conversationalist, how to speak clearly & confidently, PLUS mistakes to avoid.
  • In weeks 9-12, you learn how to position yourself as a leader, use social media to get the BEST work opportunities, & all of my TOP networking secrets that I only share with people I highly trust.

As soon as you join this course, you will get instant access to over 200 secret online communities that I have hand-picked especially for my students. I have been building this list for over 3 years, and you won’t find another resource like it anywhere on the internet. This list is the KEY to connecting with native speakers around the world AND where you live.

But, there’s a LOT more waiting for you inside of Connect & Communicate…

You will learn…

  • How to connect with native English speakers
  • How to get people to talk with you
  • How to lead and maintain GOOD conversations
  • How to speak clearly & confidently in ANY situation
  • Common communication mistakes to avoid
  • Why you absolutely MUST build a professional network & how to do it
  • How to use social media to make important connections


You also get access to exclusive interviews I’ve done with career coaches & successful entrepreneurs to learn things like…

  • How to prepare for an interview at an “English-speaking” company
  • Strategies for negotiation your salary & how to get a better position
  • How to get your dream job without even turning in a resume
  • How to use platforms like LinkedIn to attract amazing clients
  • Most common mistakes non-native English speakers make on their resumes (and why your resume will automatically get thrown away if you make these mistakes)

Those are just a FEW things you learn in Connect & Communicate.

But there is a LOT more!



And today everything is right at your fingertips! You already have the will, the desire, and the drive to improve your English communication skills, network strategically, & move your life forward...

... now you just need the strategies, the practice,  the guidance, and the right information. 

That's why I made this course!


  1. Connect & Communicate is a 12- week independent study program. This means you don’t have to worry about where you live, because there are no LIVE classes. All of the classes are already recorded, edited, and ready for you to watch.
  2. Each week, you will receive an email that gives you access to new material. The weekly material contains ONE training video up to an hour long (with subtitles) PLUS supplemental notes, resources, bonus material, and discussion questions.
  3. As soon as you sign up, you will get access to everything in week 1. You can begin your journey right NOW and start connecting with native English speakers TODAY. You don’t have to wait!


You don’t need to spend THOUSANDS of dollars studying abroad. You don’t need to pay HUNDREDS of dollars for private classes with native speakers. And you don’t need to buy more and more English courses to finally find one that works for you.

Connect & Communicate is the course you have been looking for, and you won’t find a course or a deal like this anywhere in the world!

Get Instant Access Today For Only $497


Make 3 Installments Of $200

All of the classes are recorded and WAITING for you on the inside! So, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world or what your schedule is like.

If you have 1 free hour a week (and who doesn't?) then you have time for this.

Connect & Communicate is a tested and proven course that has helped hundreds of people just like YOU!

And, best of all, it actually prepares you for the REAL world so you can use English as a tool to get amazing opportunities.

If you are ready to quickly make HUGE improvements with your English, don't wait another second!

Enrollment is open NOW and you can begin this course TODAY.


  • BONUS #1: Video archive of bonus training & group coaching replays
    • This archive is a GOLDMINE of advanced training, detailed information, & real case studies. It contains over 13 hours of my BEST advice for connecting with native speakers, improving your communication skills, and getting the BEST work opportunities.
  • BONUS #2: Private Facebook support group (LIFETIME ACCESS)
    • This students-only group is the perfect place to ask questions, share your progress and meet other awesome, proactive English learners. Not only that, but occasionally I do LIVE group training & workshops to help students learn even more!
  • BONUS #3 Weekly challenges & group activities
    • These activities are not mandatory, but they highly effective and PROVEN to improve your confidence & communication skills. Students improve their presentation and speaking skills with our weekly video challenges. They practice their conversation skills when we do our monthly partner challenge.
  • Bonus #4 LIVE training, Q&A sessions, PLUS group coaching calls
    • I don’t offer live training or Q&A sessions in any other course. I ONLY offer this to students in Connect & Communicate. And, depending on how busy I am, I only offer 1-3 of these sessions a month. BUT, the replays always get added to the bonus video training video archive, and students can watch them in their free time. However, even though I don’t do many live training, the ones that I do are super valuable because I ONLY go live when I have something extremely important to share.

It doesn't matter if you still struggle with grammar, pronunciation, writing, fluency, confidence... none of that matters!

If you can read English and have a basic conversation in English, you're ready to immerse yourself in the world of native speakers and USE English to improve your life!


I'm so confident that you are going to love everything you learn and accomplish in this course that I'm offering a 90-Day MONEY-BACK Guarantee, no questions asked!

This means you can try the course RISK-FREE and you have absolutely nothing to lose. 

This 12-week program PLUS the 4 awesome bonuses will change your life!

AND you will get lifetime access to the material so you can review it as often as you like. 

Don't miss this opportunity!

Click the button below and claim your spot NOW.

I can't wait to work with you and show you all of these AMAZING things! 



NOTE: This is NOT a traditional English course. I will not be teaching vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc. You will learn advanced networking and communication skills. This course is also NOT for beginners. If you don't know how to have a basic conversation, this course isn't for you. Lastly, this course is NOT for lazy students who expect loads of individual attention.  This is a group course. I will work with everyone and give equal amounts of attention to everyone. I expect my students to be professional, hard-working, and to support each other. 






I applied several times to get a promotion to the English-speaking department in the company where I used to work, but they always said no. It was so frustrating! But week 10 of Stefanie's course changed everything for me, especially the "interview with Will." It helped me understand what the interviewers, managers and team leaders wanted to hear in an interview so I could be more professional at it. Finally, I got a new job where I’ll need to speak English with the customers so that means that the recruiters noticed that I have a good English level. I’ll spend the next 2 months in training and I just finished the first training week. The company is the greatest one in business travel agencies which means I’m gonna be a travel counselor, helping business people to book flights, hotels, cars, etc, with the best prices, locations and to save time. So, I just wanted to share this good news, mainly cause without this course and the other group members who made calls with me, I couldn’t have done it. I think that speaking to other group members helped me to trust more in my English skills and speak fluently without caring so much on my mistakes (cause obviously I don’t speak with perfect grammar) and I think it also helped me to understand different accents since in this new job I’m gonna talk to people all around the globe. I couldn't have gotten the job without this course, and I’m sure everything I learned here will help me with other jobs as well in the future.

Steven, Travel Agent, Costa Rica


Stefanie, again thank you so much. This course and the private group is something that I was looking for a long time ago and now that I have the opportunity it is pure happiness.

Alonso, DJ, Mexico


I am a native Mandarin Chinese speaker. I started learning English at a young age and even chose English as my major in college. But I still found it difficult to speak in English confidently. After I started working, I could do a full presentation in English but I still struggled to speak conversational English because I SOUNDED LIKE A TEXTBOOK! I had to make a way out. I desired to practice with native speakers; however, I heard so many dangerous situations around me that kept me from hanging out with people in language exchange clubs where many foreigners seek for fun with local girls (it’s a big problem here where I live). I tried so many things to improve my English. Then, when I traveled to America, I realized that “speaking good English” wasn’t enough! Knowing the language is just a basic threshold. Being good at conversation is much more complicated and very important. Things turned brighter when I watched Stefanie's Youtube channel. I found those videos and interviews so helpful that I signed up for the online courses to know more details about how to speak more fluently. I followed the strategies she teaches and successfully met a Californian girl within one month in the city I live. I couldn’t believe it! I live in Taiwan and I didn’t know there were native English speakers here! Now we are work-out buddies and have training sessions once per week. We casually chat about our lives and many different things. I keep using Stefanie’s strategies in every situation I can and keep making friends who speak English. This allows me to keep myself in a nearly all English environment I never thought I would have outside of English speaking regions. To sum up here, I would say it still takes a lot efforts to make things right-- to have vocabularies, to improve pronunciation and intonation, and to build up contents in English. But knowing good strategies helps accelerate the whole thing because it gives me the connections that I need. I highly recommend people who have similar situation with me to sign up to the course and know more. The course totally worth it!

Yuchi, Brand Marketer, Taiwan

Steven, Travel Agent, Costa Rica

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