“It Feels Like I’ve Been Stuck At The Intermediate Level FOREVER No Matter What I Do…”

FINALLY: a program that gives you EVERYTHING you need to go from “struggling English learner” to confident & advanced English speaker!


ONE lesson & task a week is ALL IT TAKES to transform every part of your English


The “real world” material & creative tasks, will open your mind so you can “absorb” English like never before


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Discover your English POWER, pursue your unlimited English potential, & unlock a whole NEW level of confidence

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WARNING: This is NOT a “traditional” English course.

If you’re an intermediate level English learner, you’ve worked hard to develop your skills. Whether that’s with classes, at University or with a tutor, you know that learning English takes work. Advancing your English can seem impossible, and it’s easy to feel “stuck”.

You know first hand it’s hard to go from English learner to english speaker.

You know that in order to get to the next level – you need to improve ALL of your English skills. You need to grow your vocabulary and improve your speaking, pronunciation, listening, writing, grammar, confidence and conversation skills. And the only way you’ll make the jump is with GOOD material, step-by-step guidance and REAL-world practice.

Imagine how good it would feel to make PROGRESS everyday…

…So that you can speak fluently, express your ideas clearly, and —most importantly— FINALLY feel confident around native English speakers.

Imagine how good it would feel to learn, study and practice on your OWN time… while you take the journey with the support of an active, vibrant community of students just like YOU.

With the Daily English Program, you can stop relying on tutors, teachers and boring classes.

Instead, you’ll be in control of your learning with a proven program that makes you EXCITED to work on your English everyday. You’ll move towards mastery with weekly lessons that put the fun back in learning. AND you’ll be part of a unique community that gives you the MOTIVATION to work hard and improve!

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Why Hundreds of Students LOVE This Course

Hey! I’m Stefanie, The English Coach.

I made the Daily English Program so you can fall in love with English again! Each week in this program will be a totally NEW, unexpected surprise, like a gift you can’t wait to open!

You will discover the best strategies for improving all areas of your English, and you will practice everything you learn with ONE stimulating, very creative (and FUN!) weekly homework task.

If you have been stuck at the intermediate level for a LOOOOOOONNNG time… and if you have been BORED trying to improve your English on your own, this course is a roller-coaster ride you do NOT want to miss!

And, to be honest, this is the kind of course I wish I had 10 years ago when I was learning Spanish. There is nothing else out there like it, and that’s why our students can’t stop raving about it (and it’s why we have students who complete this course again and again!).

If you are ready for an unforgettable experience, join us TODAY! 


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Stefanie Klenner: Founder of English Full:Time

The Daily English Program Is MORE Than A Course… It’s A Totally Transformative 12 Week Experience.

This is NOT a traditional, boring English course. You can forget about all of the things you’re used to. Here’s what you WON’T find in this program:

No worksheets

No Tests

No memorizing random lists of vocabulary

No tedious grammar lessons

No repetitive, mind-numbing drills

No irrelevant material about topics you really don’t care about

No repetitive, mind-numbing drills

No poorly planned lessons that leave you confused and frustrated

No ridiculously easy tasks that you could literally do in your sleep

No chance you can fail

No grades

No boring verb conjugation exercises

With the Daily English Program, you’ll overcome the most CHALLENGING parts of advancing your English skills…


Learn how to self-correct your mistakes so you can constantly improve


Grow your vocabulary with advanced everyday words and phrases that will help you express yourself more accurately


Fine-tune your listening skills so you can understand native speakers clearly


Begin “thinking” in English naturally (without having to translate!)


Acquire “perfect” grammar through constant immersion that’s fun & easy


Get daily practice of your output with speaking, writing & conversations


Get solid direction, guidance & structure so you don’t “waste time” on the wrong things


Be part of a collaborative learning environment with a SUPPORTIVE community!


Finally access good material that challenges you to get to the next level


Make a major mindset shift: you CAN do this… and you will get the tools to finally feel like a CONFIDENT English speaker!

1 simple lesson and task a week (from me!) is all you need to go from “struggling English learner” to “confident English speaker”…

This is a holistic program that works on improving multiple elements of your English communication all at once. Each week we work on input, study, and output – all of which are essential for truly taking your English to the next level!


Input means… Immersing yourself in English so your brain can absorb the language naturally and understand it intuitively.

Examples of input:








Study means… Analyzing English so you can develop a deep understanding of how to communicate at an advanced level.

Examples of study:



Output means… Using the language regularly so your active English is as strong as your passive English.

Examples of output:


You cannot advance your English without all 3 of these elements!

Each Week In Our Program Is A Totally Unique Experience…

And your discoveries AND results 12 weeks from now will blow you away!

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12 English Advancement Skills

This is what we work on in the Daily English Program!


Train your ear to automatically understand native speakers, fast speech and different accents.


Develop natural and fluent speech to communicate your ideas in a clear, concise way.


Add hundreds of words, phrases, and expressions to your active vocabulary.


Identify your pronunciation mistakes and fix them to have complete control over your voice.


Feel comfortable talking with anyone at anytime– strangers, co-workers, family, and friends.


Learn how to use correct grammar without studying conjugations, rules, or verb tenses.


Feel confident and calm anytime you have to speak, even in high-stress situations.


Understand the full meaning of written texts including context, nuances, and the “big picture”.


Learn the best methods for improving your English fast and correcting your own mistakes.


Command authority through careful listening and articulate, professional communication.


Learn what “good” writing is, how to produce it, and how to edit your own work.


Maintain a positive, determined attitude to achieve your learning goals and enjoy the experience.

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Enrollment closes Sunday, June 27th 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time

These Students Have Used The Daily English Program To Change Their Lives

Claudia from Mexico

“I want to recommend this course because this is one of the best on the web that I could find – the teacher is great, the pronunciation, the activities, the structure… The feedback in every lesson is incredible. The material is VERY valuable.”

Wesley from Brazil:

“I’m improving daily. This was the best choice for the year that I could have made!”

Dasa from Czech Republic:

“What I like about this program is that Stefanie gives us interesting and original tasks – we practice all aspects of the language: speaking, listening, grammar… you’re never bored. I’ve never seen materials like this anywhere else. All in all, this is my best investment in knowledge and I plan to continue long term. Definitely, without a doubt, you should join this program.”

Sandra from Germany:

“Before the Daily English Program, I’d never make a video without notes in my hand. This is my major improvement from my experience in the last few weeks. The feedback we get from all the students is super helpful.”

Carol from France:

I have to say I’m a huge fan of this program. It’s totally worth the price and it surpassed my wildest expectations. I couldn’t imagine how much the access to the Facebook group would help me in my journey. I’ve shared so many incredible conversations with amazing people from all over the world. Thanks to this course I overcame my shyness and I can record videos as I’m doing doing right now

Thennison from Brazil:

“I’ve taken a lot of courses before starting this program. The courses I was doing were slow – I wouldn’t have reached my goal if I continued that way. I made the best choice choosing The Daily English Program. It’s totally different to any course I’ve ever seen. Everyday we practice another area of our English in another fun way – we don’t even realize we’re doing an English course.”

Dimitry from Russia:

“I’ve never studied English at school or university – I found myself stuck at an intermediate level. My English didn’t develop. Once I came across Stefanie’s video, I was so excited – and I joined the Daily English Program. Stefanie reignited a flame inside me, she took me on an adventure discovering, exploring and developing my English.”

Gilberto from Mexico:

“If you compare the price with the value of the program, you will realize it’s SO cheap! This is one of the best programs to learn English with. I highly recommend this program to everyone!”

Larisa from Russia

“The most important benefit from the course is the community of people with the same goals. I had a lot of conversations with them. It’s an absolutely incredible situation. It’s so exciting, I highly recommend this course”

MinSeo from South Korea:

“From this program I’ve experienced improvement in vocabulary, listening, speaking and more. I was able to get to know many different people around the world and communicate with them whenever I want. Every lesson is well made. They have fantastic methods, study plans and live feedback!.”

Anna from Russia:

“After finishing the Fluency Breakthrough Challenge I felt like I had to continue improving my English, that’s why I decided to join the Daily English Program. It helped me develop my confidence and loose my shyness. I became an open person. I also learned how to maintain a conversation and how to study on my own. The community keeps me motivated, and I wish the same for you”

Paula from Colombia

“I’m really impressed with Stefanie’s methods. She keeps sharing the most interesting content. I get personally involved with each lesson. I’ve realized that I improved my pronunciation, my vocabulary, my confidence to speak. And of course that has a positive impact on my job. I have already received many comments from my co-workers about it. On top of that, the community in the program is amazing. They are the most supporting people I’ve ever met.”

Veruska from Brazil

“I joined the daily English program because I was looking for an effective way to improve my English I was feeling stuck and at the same time tired to study English through traditional courses and boring materials I’m so glad that I took this decision because this course has opened many doors for me

Adriana from France:

“I’m so happy I signed up for this program. Each week we have an assignment, or a listening task, an essay or an assignment to listen to Youtube videos – it’s challenging and the tasks are REALLY well made – so you improve your vocabulary. Through this program, you can meet new people all over the world and have great conversations.”

Hira from Pakistan:

“This program has helped me expand my exposure, it helped me to experience the diversity. It made me learn about different topics. If you are thinking of joining the Daily English Program, then I assure you are going to take your learning journey to the next level”

William from China:

“I joined this program 3 months ago to improve my English. There are 2 shining points that make this program shine against others. It improves all of the 4 dimensions of English: it sounds simple, but you’ll find it difficult to practice in a 360 degree way when you do it yourself. It also encourages people to connect with each other.”

Evy from Puerto Rico

“The Daily English Program helped me in so many ways. I’ve been improving my pronunciation my writing skills, my listening skills. Everything about my English. I found a big community of English learners like me. We have the same common goal and we support each other. If you want to accomplish your goals, this program is for you”

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Are You Ready To Transform Your English?

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Complete 12 Week Course (videos, audio files, PDFs)


9.5 hours of unique video & audio training (with UNLIMITED playback)


15 unique Skill Growth assigned tasks


639 advanced words & phrases for everyday communication


127 pages of study material & PDFs


BONUS: 12 Hours of LIVE video replays (video feedback from Stefanie!)


Private Facebook Group Lifetime Membership


Full 24/7 Support Team access


DAILY Speaking & Conversation opportunities


Downloadable copies of all material


Private Course Portal Access


LIFETIME ACCESS – participate in this course as many times as you like!


NEW: Earn a certificate of completion


NEW: UNLOCK “Level 2”, a complete second level of the course with entirely new lessons & tasks – FREE!

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“How Do I Know If The Daily English Program Is Right For Me?”


You are REALLY committed to improving your English and making time to complete tasks in the course (3-4 hours a week)


You’re an intermediate English learner who has felt “stuck” and wants to start advancing with engaging tasks & lessons


You’re tired of jumping from one method to the other and don’t feel like you’re making progress


You LOVE being challenged and are ready to get out of your comfort zone


You’re TIRED of traditional English classes and want to experience something completely different


You want to connect with other English learners & speakers and be part of a motivated & vibrant community that pushes you to improve!

You “don’t have time” to work on your English and complete the tasks & lessons (around 3-4 hours a week)

You AREN’T looking to go outside your comfort zone and prefer traditional classes & tutoring

You’re NOT at an intermediate level and need to improve your skills before taking this course

You DON’T want to practice speaking with other English learners & speakers

You aren’t enthusiastic about new challenges & lessons and prefer to learn “by the book”

You feel 100% confident in your English and can already speak fluently

If you can check off ‘YES’ to the answers above and this sounds like your dream program…

Enroll NOW and get $700 worth of bonuses, FREE!!
Enrollment closes Sunday, June 27th 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The course starts Wednesday June 30th @ 12am UTC. However, enrollment closes on June 27th. 

What are the course objectives?
  1. Advance all of your English skills so you can communicate clearly and confidently
  2. Show you the best and fastest ways to improve your English language skills
  3. Help you learn to spot your own mistakes so you don’t have to rely on a teacher
  4. Provide you with a stimulating learning environment that challenges you to improve each week
  5. Give you the opportunity to use your English daily with passionate learners & speakers like yourself
What are the course materials and structure/how is it organized?

Each week you’ll get a new lesson and task to help you develop all 12 English language skills (listed below). We study all kinds of content- from business articles and classic poetry – to stand-up comedy and interviews with native English speakers. And, to keep the lessons dynamic and interactive, we use a variety of material including videos, audio files, transcripts, online resources and MORE! Our real-world lessons will keep you interested AND engaged week after week – with each week having a totally unique theme!

What are the methods and tasks?

You’ll advance with modern, real-world learning methods that are proven to fast-track all of your English language skills. These methods are designed to help you discover weaknesses, spot mistakes, think critically, challenge yourself, learn in context AND learn by practice! Our high quality lessons offer a deep analysis of effective communication skills and are paired with challenging tasks that allow you to immediately implement what you learn.

What is the community and support like?

We bring together a passionate community full of dedicated learners! This environment facilitates the learning process and allows students to stay engaged, excited, motivated, and active. Getting helpful feedback from other students and being able to communicate in a supportive environment makes all the difference. Your learning, studying, & practice is completely interactive! And you’ll always get 24/7 access to our support team – while Stefanie leads you to success.

What is the full course breakdown?

Complete 12 Week Course (videos, audio files, PDFs)

9.5 hours of unique video & audio training (with UNLIMITED playback)

15 unique Skill Growth assigned tasks

639 advanced words & phrases for everyday communication

127 pages of study material & PDFs

BONUS: 12 Hours of LIVE video replays (video feedback from Stefanie!)

Private Facebook Group Lifetime Membership

Full 24/7 Support Team access

UNLIMITED Speaking & Conversation opportunities

Downloadable copies of all material

Private Course Portal Access

LIFETIME ACCESS – participate in this course as many times as you like!

NEW: Earn a certificate of completion

NEW: UNLOCK “Level 2”, a complete second level of the course with entirely new lessons & tasks – FREE!

Is the Daily English Program right for me?
If you are ready to study ADVANCED English and work hard in a group environment to improve your skills, then this program is for you! This program is NOT for students who need lots of individual attention from a teacher, lack motivation or struggle to follow directions.
What level of English do I need?
This program is NOT for beginners. The material and tasks are equivalent to what you will find in a university class. However, if you understand Stefanie in her videos and are ready for a challenge, then you are ready to join this program.
What kind of tasks will we do?
The homework tasks are unique and will push you out of your comfort zone. We have students analyze material, create videos, record audio files, do creative writing projects, have conversation calls with other students, do research projects, and examine their work to find and fix their own mistakes.
Will I get personalized feedback and corrections?
Yes! We have an awesome community full of advanced learners who are always ready and willing to give you feedback on your homework tasks, point out areas in which you can improve, and correct your mistakes. Our support team is also available 24/7 to answer your questions about the program and the content. Stefanie rarely has to step in and give feedback because the community and support team are so good at this, but she will occasionally step in to clarify doubts and point a student in the right direction.
How much time should I spend on this course each week?
We recommend spending at least 4-5 hours on this course every week. You need time to watch the weekly lesson, study the material, do the homework, and watch the replay of the live feedback video.
I don’t have a debit or credit card. What do I do?
There are three things we recommend. First, you can ask a relative to use their card and then pay them back. You can also apply for a debit or credit card at your local bank. Or, you can set up a Paypal account and use that.
The price is in US dollars, can I pay in my local currency?
Yes, absolutely! Your bank will automatically convert from USD to your currency.
Do I get lifetime access?
Yes! You get lifetime access to all the material in this course and you get to go through the course as many times as you like! You also get lifetime access to our private, students-only Facebook group.
Facebook isn’t available in my country. What do I do?
If Facebook is not available in your country, you can use a VPN service to access it. There are many VPN services available, both free and paid.
I don’t like social media. Do I have to join the Facebook group?
In order to take full advantage of everything this program has to offer, you do need to have a Facebook account so you can join our private, students-only Facebook community. This is where you will turn in your homework, interact with your classmates, practice your skills, and build your confidence. The Facebook group is like our online classroom.
Can I do a free trial to see if I will like this course?
We treat the Daily English Program just like a course at a university. We do not offer free trials and we expect students who join to be committed, ready to work, and ready to get results!
Can I access this course and complete it on my phone?
Yes! You can easily access and complete the entire course using any kind of smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Will I get a certificate when I finish the course?
Yes! We are now offering certificates of completion AND you will unlock “Level 2” by completing all the tasks.
I can’t join this course now. When does registration open again?
We will only open this course ONE more time in 2021, and it will be sometime later this year.
What is the refund policy for this course?
Our refund policy is simple because we back our course and the results our students achieve. Watch the lessons, do the work, and if you don’t see any results, simply send us an email requesting a refund. If this program just isn’t for you – we will have you fill out a questionnaire about your experience in our program and request proof that you completed your tasks and gave it your best shot. Once we have these items, we will issue a full refund within 48 hours. This refund period lasts a full 30 days, so you can try the program for a month, risk-free! You either get results, or you get your money back!
I have another question. Who should I ask?
Please send an email to our support team at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Make The Jump To Advanced, Confident English With GOOD material, step-by-step guidance and REAL-world practice

If you are READY to start this incredible journey… don’t wait! Join us TODAY!

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