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Building fluency DOESN’T have to take years, especially if you already understand English. This unique challenge gives you EVERYTHING you need to quickly improve your English and FINALLY speak with confidence in just weeks!

What To Expect

Join “The Fluency Breakthrough Challenge” to:

Speak & Write English From Day ONE

Get Fun, Easy-To-Follow Tasks That You Will LOVE

Make New Friends From Around The World

Build Your Confidence & Overcome Your Shyness

Practice Daily With Other MOTIVATED Students

Enjoy Fun Conversations With REAL People

Finally Start THINKING In English Automatically

Discover NEW Ways To Practice & Improve

Don’t Wait To Get Fluent “One Day”…

Get the guidance, support, and momentum you need to UNLOCK your fluency in 30 days!

Why The Fluency Breakthrough Challenge Is Unlike ANY Other Course, Anywhere

I created this challenge because I saw a BIG issue in the ELT industry: so many courses promise “fluency”, but they don’t give you the things you ACTUALLY need to get fluent. And the “secret formula” is quite simple!

If you’re already an intermediate learner you don’t need to learn anything new! You just need to USE what you already know. You need to communicate in English on a daily basis. When you do this, you will naturally start thinking in English and speaking fluently.

This is why the Fluency Breakthrough Challenge is so revolutionary. For the same price as an online English class, you can complete this 30-day challenge and UNLOCK your fluency in English!

This challenge creates the perfect environment for you to practice your English DAILY with other motivated learners. I’ve meticulously designed EVERY single detail – from the tasks, to how they are delivered and organized.

…AND IT WORKS! 3,500+ students are the proof. We have hundreds of testimonials, and we get new ones daily from students who can’t stop telling us about the opportunities fluency has given them (like getting the job of their dreams!). Many even choose to do the challenge again and again …because every time it’s a new experience that takes them to NEW heights in their English journey!

If you already “understand” English and are ready to FINALLY feel confident every time you speak… it’s time to get your Fluency Breakthrough!

How It Works

1. Sign Up Now

Join the challenge, complete the welcome section, set up your Instagram account, and wait for the challenge to start!

2. Check Your Email

When the challenge starts, you’ll get an email each day with step-by-step instructions explaining how to complete your daily task. You will submit your tasks on Instagram with the rest of our community.

3. Complete Each Task Within 24 Hours!

You will get a new task Monday-Thursday every week. You’ll have 24 hours to complete each task. Weekends are for catching up AND extra speaking practice!

We Know This Challenge Is Life-Changing… Because Our Students Can’t Stop Telling Us!

We keep getting messages that say things like…

Imagine what it would feel like to achieve ALL of this?

Take the first step. Join NOW if you’re ready to get your Fluency Breakthrough!

See For Yourself! It’s A Journey You’ll Remember Forever!

This Is What Our Past Challengers Say:

“Each person I met was very enthusiastic about improving their English. In the past I tried to use other applications like italki and tandem to connect with the people… but it wasn’t successful because the people I met their were not interested in learning English really but in other activities like flirting, making businesses or even cheating for money… so this program was perfect for improving English and I recommend it for you if you want to improve your speaking abilities.”

– Tomek from Poland

“This challenge was way better than my other English courses I’ve taken.”

– Hongyuan from China

“If you think this is like a typical English course, you are so wrong. Because you’re not gonna study here. You’re not gonna go to a classroom. You are gonna USE your English. And the best part is you will improve your English only doing one thing… PRACTICING!”

– Bryan from Mexico

“Stefanie gives different tasks and they are very interesting. It’s a great opportunity to leave your shyness!”

– Daniel from Brazil

“Now, I feel so proud because I can record this video and I thought I would NEVER do it. But here I am! I overcame my fears and I can say that I’m really satisfied with the progress I made. I hope that you will do it too.”

– Merima from Bosnia Herzegovina

“The best tasks were to have video chats with other challengers. Chatting with others, exchanging views and experiences, was really exciting! Now I’m confident, and I’m looking forward to taking part in the next challenge.”

– Martin from Germany

“Before this challenge I was not able to speak English!! I could read and write, but couldn’t speak. Now I can speak and I’m so confident!”

– Neia Albertoni

“You get to know people from all over the world, which is really amazing!”

– Francisco from El Salvador

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“I realized that sometimes we try to be “the best speaker” before sharing something with people. And, in fact, we don’t have to worry about that. We just have to take action and we will be better. I highly recommend this challenge that really gave me a boost. Just jump in!”

– Fred from France

“Stefanie will make you do things that are scary. But once you do them, you will be more confident than ever before. Now I talk English everywhere I go without being scared.”

– Nina from Iraq

“It was fantastic! We all have different accents and I talked with lots of people. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure it would work, but now I’m so glad I did this challenge!”

– Dimas from Brazil

“I had conversations with people from Brazil, Japan, Paris, London, Russia, Hungary– it was amazing!”

– Elena from Israel

“Before I started this challenge, I was excited but also nervous… and it turned out BETTER than I expected! The think I appreciated the most is that in this challenge you will make friends from all over the world. In fact, that is my favorite part. You have to interact with other people. You are not alone. You have to communicate with others, make videos, speak… I can’t recommend this challenge enough!”

– Mario from Italy

“I wasn’t sure it would work. I didn’t want to waste my time or money. But this challenge turned out to be the best investment I made this year.”

– Alena from Ukraine

“I’ve been studying English for a long time. I was reading books, watching movies, and listening to podcasts. They were all “input” activities. With the challenge, I was able to do “output” activities– talk with people, produce content, write a lot of posts. The challenge turned out to be way better than I expected.”

– Leandro from Brazil

“In the challenge, Stefanie really pushed us out of our comfort zone and we did all the things that we never imagined doing! But it was really effective and the best investment I made in my life.”

– Risa from Indonesia

“I won a lot of friends, won a lot of confidence, and learned a lot of words!”

– Adriana from Argentina

“When I got in this challenge, I was feeling afraid of talking. I consider myself good in writing and listening, but when it comes to speaking, I’m not so confident. But when I started talking with other people, people from other countries and other cultures… I was feeling so happy because I understood them perfectly. I could speak. I could share my experience of life. I could hear and learn from them. And I think this challenge made by Stefanie is so powerful. Because it’s not just about speaking. It’s about learning cultures. Learning how to respect everybody. Learning how to deal with different accents. And it’s amazing. I highly recommend you to join this challenge.”

– Milena from Brazil

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This challenge is PERFECT for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy student, a full-time employee or a stay-at-home mom!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What level of English do I need for this challenge?

We recommend students have at least an intermediate level. If you understand everything you read on this page, then you can (and should!) join the challenge.

How much time does it take?

We recommend spending at least 1 hour a day to get the full benefits of this challenge.

How will I get the tasks?

Each day we send you an email that will give you access to a new task in our online course portal.

Where do I submit my tasks?

Students submit their tasks on in a private, students-only Facebook group. 

What if I don’t have an Instagram?

If you don’t have a Facebook account, don’t worry! You can easily create one and you will learn how to use it throughout the challenge. We understand that many students don’t like creating new social media accounts, but we PROMISE it’s worth it for this challenge. PLUS, you’ll have a place where all your progress is stored AND you’ll be able to use your account to keep in touch with your new friends and keep practicing your English even AFTER the challenge ends.

What if I want a refund?

We can only issue refunds BEFORE the challenge starts. After the challenge starts, we will NOT issue any refunds.

Transform your English in just 30 Days with…

The Fluency Breakthrough Challenge

Guaranteed to BOOST your fluency no matter what level you are at!

Join the waiting list today! Coming soon