Here’s the EASIEST way to find GREAT conversation partners online!

“HELP! I want to practice with native English speakers!”

Do you wish you had native English speaking friends? Do you secretly want a chance to use English everyday? Are you struggling to find speaking partners? This guide is for you!


Find out where native English speakers “hang out” online and WHY they would LOVE to speak with you


Learn how to introduce yourself (without scaring people away!) and start conversations in a natural, confident way!


Keep the conversation flowing long after the uncomfortable “hi, how are you?” with these 3 easy-to-remember tips


Go from “strangers” to FRIENDS with strategies that will help you have deeper conversations and build meaningful, lifelong relationships


…I’m revealing all of my top tips for finding great partners, having unforgettable conversations & building lasting friendships!

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    “It’s only been two weeks since I began using your system. Already there are so many native English speakers who want to hang out with me and talk to me on Skype that I can hardly keep up!”

    — Nazarena from Italy | Connect & Communicate Student