FINALLY… An easy-to-follow pronunciation guide that shows YOU all 52 “sounds” of American English!

These sounds are the building blocks of clear, confident pronunciation – learning them will fast-track your speaking skills and make you LOVE your voice! Learn to speak like your favorite Hollywood actors! This is a custom pronunciation guide you won’t find anywhere else:


Discover EACH sound of American English with a custom audio file that lets HEAR each sound and practice it out loud


Learn 5 important sounds you’ll NEVER learn in school that make all the difference


Get an easy “sample word” for each sound that you can practice with again & again


Learn how to use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) so you can hear, identify and imitate each sound accurately


See WHY most pronunciation resources can’t be trusted (and what they do “wrong” for learners)

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    “When I first joined Connect & Communicate, I never imagined I could make friends with English speakers, especially here in Dubai where I live! But within a week of following your system, two native English speakers connected with me and we all went out for dinner! I joined your course in 2017, and now I interact with native speakers all the time and have over 10 American friends. I’m even part of an all-English reading group that I lead with an American friend, and I’m using English to run my business on Instagram. I didn’t know how to do any of this before. I feel like a hero!”

    — Sara from The United Arab Emirates | Connect & Communicate Student