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Dear English Learner,


You have spent several months (maybe even YEARS) learning English, and now you are ready to improve your speaking skills!

So, how can you do this?

Well, one option is private classes... you can pay an English teacher $20-$30+ dollars an hour to listen to you talk.

But maybe...

  • You don't enjoy conversation classes
  • In group classes, you barely get a chance to talk
  • Private classes are too expensive and out of your budget
  • You are too ADVANCED for private classes
  • You want "real world" practice, not traditional classes!
  • You would rather chat with normal people... not "teachers"

So, Think about this...

what if you had awesome friends who were native English speakers...

What if you chatted every week with these friends about anything and everything...

What if you did Skype calls together, sent voice messages on Messenger & WhatsApp... talked about your lives, shared your struggles, helped each other reach your goals...

If this happened... how good would your English get?

How quickly?

It would get good, FAST.

And this is my point:

Speaking regularly with native English speakers in "real world" situations (NOT structured classes with a teacher) is the FASTEST way to improve your fluency, confidence, and vocabulary in English.

I know this from personal experience... I studied Spanish in traditional classrooms for 7+ years and still couldn't speak confidently or fluently. But, when I finally started speaking Spanish every day with native speakers, everything changed!

I made new friends, I had fun with the language, I was exposed to exciting, new experiences, my brain absorbed tons of new words (allowing me to learn new vocabulary without studying), my accent dramatically improved, and--best of all-- I finally got confident & fluent in Spanish!

So, if you are serious about improving your speaking skills, you need to immerse yourself in English and speak regularly with native speakers.

You need to have quality conversations with people you like.

If you talk with people who have the same interests, goals, struggles, hobbies, worldview etc that you have... 

...then the conversations will "click" and you'll be able to talk for HOURS.

By the way, this is what I mean when I say "you need to speak English in the 'real' world."

Practicing with a teacher might make you feel more secure in the beginning, but the truth is... you're paying someone to listen to you so the conversations aren't authentic.

This is OK for beginners... but if you're more advanced, classes like that will make you dependent on your teacher and lack confidence... FOREVER.

Anyhow, this is why I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and practice with native English speakers.


It's why I created courses that teach you how to do this. 

For example, one course I made about this is called Connect & Communicate. But, it's a 12-week program and it's kind of expensive for some people. 

Not only that, but it has over 12 hours of advanced training on networking & communication skills...

And, at the end of the day, not everyone has the time or finances to commit to something like that right now, and I completely understand.

That's why I offer a much shorter course (it's less than 2 hours!) that teaches you the most essential information on how to connect with English speakers to practice your English... & it's MUCH cheaper!

It's called "Meet Native English Speakers Online."

First, you learn where to find native English speakers online who are ready to talk with you 24/7.

No... not in "language exchange" groups on Facebook...

... not in WhatsApp groups...

and not in language exchange apps either...

If you're wondering... 

"Where can i Meet native English speakers Online?" 

The answer might surprise you... 

It's Facebook. 

Or any social media platform, actually.

But Facebook is my favorite because the "groups" feature makes it really easy to connect with English speakers. 

Let me explain.

First, you already know that there are MILLIONS of native English speakers on Facebook. But, what you might not know is that the "groups" feature has totally exploded over the last couple years... meaning we now have secret communities for anything and everything!

Fitness, yoga, pilates, meditation, sports, programming, design, video games, traveling, photography, DIY, business and marketing, personal development, history, cooking, coffee, fashion, sci-fi, movies, TV series, etc.

These groups are wildly active communities that are like secret clubs.

They are NOTHING like the "English Learning" groups you may have joined in the past... and they aren't like language exchange groups either.

And, best of all, they are nothing like those spam-filled groups full of advertisements and inappropriate content!

No, these groups are active, lively, and fun communities... and they are exactly where I've met some of my best friends (many of whom are non-native English speakers).

Basically, they are unlike anything you've ever seen!


You can only access them if...

  1. You know how to find them
  2. You can pass the profile screening process

Then, once you're inside, you can easily get people to talk with you... but only if...

  1. You understand the group dynamic
  2. You know what to say
  3. You know what mistakes to avoid

Again, it's all really easy... but only with the right information & strategies.

If not, forget it. 

It took me YEARS to learn all of this... 

For example, I've spent what feels like a MILLION hours hunting for the BEST groups...

...and I've had to discover, create and test super specific communication strategies so you know EXACTLY how to get native English speakers to WANT to speak with you instantly. (HINT: You can do this in ONE sentence, but what you say will involve some very important psychological principals.)

Ok, so are you ready for the good news?

YOU can get access to ALL this information and learn this stuff today... in less than 2 hours.

The "Meet Native English Speakers Online" course contains all the information & strategies you need!

In this course, you will get:

COURSE GUIDE: 18-page PDF showing you the step-by-step instructions on how to meet native English speakers online.

VIDEO #1: Finding Groups And Communities Full Of English Speakers (27 minutes)

VIDEO #2: Meeting People By Creating Interesting & Trustworthy Posts (15 minutes)

VIDEO #3: Getting People To Talk With You TODAY (53 minutes)

VIDEO SUBTITLES: Because these are always really convenient to have!

VIDEO NOTES: Detailed notes for each video. Including important points, recommendations, and example sentences that you can use.

But that’s not all…’ll also get two really cool bonuses:

BONUS #1: Top 60+ Private & Free Facebook Groups (They are full of men and women from English speaking countries).

BONUS #2: My Favorite Facebook Groups (These are the Facebook groups that I use and visit every single day).

This is what the course looks like on the inside:


And remember:

You’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course (including future updates -- for FREE)

With this information, my students have been able to: 

👍 Make new friends…

👍 Speak English in real life...

👍 Create business relationships…

👍 Get new job deals…

👍 … And more!

By the way, even though the course is called "Meet Native English speakers online, my students have used the information to meet English speakers locally where they live (you'd be surprised how many native English speakers live in YOUR country!).

Here you can read about some of their experiences...

Titu testimonial.jpg

The only question is....

do you want to improve your English by having awesome conversations with native English speakers?

If you do, keep reading...

Here's how the course works

After you sign up, a special link will be sent to your email address so you can access the course and study it in  your free time.

All of the videos are pre-recorded (just like my YouTube videos).

So, this means it doesn't matter where you live or what timezone you live in. As soon as you get this course, you can start watching the videos TODAY!

Remember, your purchase is 100% safe and secure:

30-Day “No Questions Asked”
Money-Back Guarantee

I know this course works.

I spent months perfecting this method. Several of my students got amazing results, and so can you.

Therefore I'm giving you a 30-day guarantee.

Study the course for 30 days, see the results for yourself. If you’re not 100% happy with what you get (or even if you don’t like my voice in the videos) just let me know within 30 days and I’ll give you all of your money back. No questions asked.

This is how much I believe in this course…

...because it’s based on a system that’s PROVEN to work:


And now, it’s your turn to see these results for yourself!

If you are NOT a beginner, regular conversation classes with an English teacher are expensive (and ineffective)-- especially if you want to have multiple calls a week. For example, 8 hours of conversation classes (2 classes a week) with a native English speaker will easily cost you $160- $210+ USD a month ...

But why pay for classes if you can learn to talk with people for free and have awesome conversations whenever you want?

Today you can get the "Meet Native English Speakers Online" course costs for less than HALF of that! 

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That's right.

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Are you ready for this?


As long as you understand the way I speak and write, and as long as you can have a conversation in English, then you are absolutely ready!

Don't wait till your English is "perfect," cause there's no such thing... and when you leave your comfort zone, amazing things happen!

Your fluency and confidence will improve as you use English on a daily basis with people like ME! :) 

That's it...

So, if you're excited for this, get the course and start meeting English speakers  TODAY!

I can't wait for you to implement what you learn and start having amazing results! 


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NOTE: This is NOT a traditional English course. I will NOT be teaching vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc. You will learn how to meet native English speakers and how to talk with them to become a fluent English speaker. This course is also NOT for beginners. If you don't know how to have a basic conversation, this course isn't for you. Lastly, this course requires that you have an internet connection and a Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, then you won’t get the full benefits of this course.

OPPORTUNITY, DON'T WAIT. Use the form above to sign up and get INSTANT ACCESS!