“I Want to sound like YOU, Stefanie!”
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Speak Clear, Confident English With Correct Pronunciation and A Beautiful Accent

Whether you want to reduce your accent just a little or learn to speak with a 100% authentic American accent… this course will take you step-by-step through the 51 sounds you need to know.

You Will Learn:


How to make each sound in American English


The BEST methods for improving your pronunciation


How to use FAST SPEECH to speak quickly and sound natural


How to develop an attractive voice that sounds smart and confident

Innovative tasks designed to TRANSFORM the way you sound

Dozens of audio files to train your tongue and ears

Video clips that let you see EXACTLY how my mouth creates each sound

Lists with hundreds of difficult words and HOW to pronounce them

I speak with a West Coast Californian accent, the same accent that you hear in your favorite Hollywood movies. If you want to learn to sound like me, then…

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The English Full:Time Complete Pronunciation Course By Stefanie, The English Coach