Hi! I'm Stefanie, The English Coach. 

You and I both know...

  • Traditional English classes don't make you fluent.

  • If you don't practice, you don't improve.

  • Grammar books don't teach real communication skills.

  • Fluency is worthless if you don't feel confident.

  • Professional communication & networking skills are JUST as important as fluency & confidence

That's why I created English Full:Time...

English Communication + Professional Development

As an English coach, I don't just help people improve their fluency & confidence in English... I teach you how to network and communicate strategically so you can use this language to reach your personal and professional goals & have all the success you desire! :)

I help my students...

  • Improve their English

  • Speak confidently

  • Develop powerful conversation skills

  • Network with & meet native English speakers

  • Communicate professionally

  • Find better work opportunities

  • Prepare for interviews

  • Practice & plan presentations

  • Set & reach attainable goals

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