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Why Most People Struggle To Get Fluent

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The BEST Strategy To Find English Speaking Partners

The BEST Strategy To Find English Speaking Partners

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THESE Students Have Used English Full Time To Change Their Lives

“I can’t believe it! I used Stefanie’s strategies to meet a Californian girl here in Taiwan– I didn’t even know native English speakers lived here! Now we are workout buddies who meet twice a week! I used to sound like a textbook and I struggled with conversational English. Now I feel so comfortable when I speak and I meet new people all the time!”

— Yuchi from Taiwan | Connect & Communicate Student

“The biggest achievement for me in this challenge is being able to stop translating in my head. This challenge contributes a lot to my big progress because it pushed me to write in English, talk in English and think in English. So everytime Stefanie launches a Fluency Breakthrough challenge I am going to join it.”

— Juliet from China | Fluency Breakthrough Student

“I’m a former student from Stefanie’s program Connect & Communicate, and I also participated in the Fluency Breakthrough Challenge 3 times. Before these programs, I was so shy and couldn’t speak very well. For years I tried to improve my English by doing traditional courses and studying by myself. But by taking Stefanie’s courses I was able to overcome my lack of confidence to speak. And, nowadays I can speak clearly and confidently– plus I have a Podcast in English where I interview people from all around the world.”

— Tchales from Brazil | Fluency Breakthrough + Connect & Communicate Student