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Stefanie’s Total Accent Freedom Program Is Here!

It’s the fastest way to master pronunciation, create your PERFECT accent in English, and develop a POWERFUL voice with unshakeable confidence!
Even if…
  • you “hate” how you sound right now
  • you have extreme speaking anxiety
  • you’ve tried to “fix” your pronunciation before, but nothing has helped
Imagine how good it would feel to never hear these words again…

“I’m sorry… what did you say?
I can’t understand you.”


I asked hundreds of students to tell me how they feel about how they sound in English.
See if their responses resonate with you:

People LAUGH at me because of how I pronounce words.”

I hate the way I sound. I REALLY want to change how I speak, but I have no idea how.”

I have to repeat myself CONSTANTLY because people don’t understand what I say.”

I completely AVOID using certain words because I know I can’t say them right.”

I am SO TIRED of sounding like a robot!
I just want to sound natural in English, like a native speaker.”

I’m TERRIFIED of making mistakes…
so I avoid speaking as much as possible.”

If your accent in English has destroyed your confidence and stopped you from pursuing your dreams,


So many English learners struggle with their pronunciation, accent, and confidence for YEARS. They suffer in silence, feel invisible, and are terrified of speaking up.



For years, I felt invisible, shy, and like I didn’t belong.
Even though I was a “fluent” Spanish speaker, I was TERRIFIED to open my mouth and speak up in the most basic conversations.
I obsessed over my pronunciation and accent. I didn’t want to sound awkward or “speak like a robot”.
The thought of making mistakes gave me REAL social anxiety. It took me YEARS to overcome this.
Finally, I discovered something that absolutely NOBODY talks about…
The truth is, you don’t have to settle for a thick foreign accent… or give yourself anxiety trying to pass as a native either.
There is a beautiful in-between… and it’s called ACCENT FREEDOM.


With this freedom, you will realize that your voice is an amazing instrument that you can learn to play however you want. You will be able to master pronunciation, shape your accent, and finally find YOUR voice in English: a voice you feel proud of and love using… a voice that allows you to unlock amazing opportunities!

I’m here to show you every step of the way. All it takes is the right training, a “can do” attitude, and a bit of time… that’s it.
Our students LOVE Stefanie’s courses and pronunciation training techniques! Here is some of their feedback from previous courses… 

Stefanie’s pronunciation lessons were an eye-opener and totally NOT the conventional monotonous method… and I could finally see the mistakes I was making!

Aya from Japan

I want to start by saying that I’m so happy and grateful for discovering Stefanie, The English Coach a year ago on YouTube.  My pronunciation for sure has improved since last year. Stefanie’s way of teaching is not the typical method because she’s teaches us how to correct our own mistakes. I appreciate as well her lives videos after each task, where she explaines and shows us in real time how to pronounce sounds and place our tongue in order to sound as an American English speaker. 

Adriana from Romania

Introducing The English Full:Time Complete
Pronunciation, Accent, & Vocal Training System

Accent Freedom

This is the simplest, fastest path to totally transforming how you sound in English – a step-by-step system that gives you the keys to your vocal potential. Not only will you gain complete control of your pronunciation to sound clear, compelling, and natural… You will discover the “Accent Freedom” secrets that will unlock a level of confidence you’ve never experienced before.


Get ready to FEEL the results week by week as you shape your voice to reflect who you REALLY are and have always wanted to be in English. Best of all, the methods in this course have been TESTED by thousands of students… and they WORK!


If you want to unleash your vocal potential, design the voice of your dreams, and step into a BRAND NEW YOU…
Take a look at the amazing journey ahead!
MODULE 1 – The Path To Success


It doesn’t matter if you want to “sound like a native” or create your own unique accent in English. The path to Accent Freedom is the exact same! This module gives you ALL the pieces of the puzzle: the sounds, strategies, and mindset you need to design your PERFECT voice in English.
MODULE 2 – Rhythm & Clarity


Believe it or not, every little mistake that makes you sound unclear, or feel robotic when you speak, can be fixed. It’s the minor details that make a HUGE difference. This module reveals exactly how to fix these mistakes and control every sound that comes out of your mouth, so you can speak clearly and fluently.
MODULE 3 – Finding Flow


Mastering connected speech and intonation patterns is KEY to speaking faster, sounding natural, and FEELING fluent when you speak! Luckily, native speakers use the SAME patterns over and over again. Since the human brain is designed to pick up patterns subconsciously, my pattern recognition training will help you acquire natural connected speech and intonation patterns easily and intuitively.
MODULE 4 – Designing YOUR Voice

This is the module where we finally focus on shaping your voice to reflect who you 
REALLY are (and want to be!) in English. It’s about exploring the possibilities and designing a voice that reflects your unique vocal goals and personality – a voice you will be proud to use, a voice that feels 100% authentic and true to YOU.
MODULE 5 – Stealing The Spotlight

Once you have designed your voice, it’s time to USE it! Here I will share my secrets for effective, influential communication that go WAY BEYOND pronunciation, accent, and voice. These final secrets will put the control back in your hands, so you can leave all shame and fear in the past, own your confidence, and step into your full potential as an English speaker.

Exciting, right!?
…PLUS these result-accelerating BONUSES are
included with your enrollment – for FREE!

BONUS #1:  The “Amazing American Accent” Sound Bank

Build Your “Sound Bank” With The 48 Sounds That Will Completely Transform Your Voice.
This is the solid foundation you never knew you needed! It will become a GO-TO resource that you will use again and again for years to come. Not only will you discover each sound of American English, but you will finally lock these sounds into your mind so you can SAY them correctly and use them at the drop of a hat! No more avoiding words because you can’t pronounce them well! Students have told me for years “Your accent is Amazing, Stefanie! I want to learn to sound like YOU!” Now you can learn ALL of my secrets and use them to make your own amazing “American-style” accent!
BONUS #2: The Fluent Pronunciation Training
Transform “Robot-Sounding” Textbook English To Natural, Flowing Speech.
Develop fluent, native and crystal-clear pronunciation patterns with simple 2-minute drills.
You’ll learn connected speech and common reductions so you can sound more natural, less robotic, and speak faster while maintaining clarity. It’s designed to help you FEEL the language intuitively, just like a native speaker does…. You won’t have to “think” about it, or study it – just listen and repeat, and your brain will do the REST! At last, American rhythm, intonation, melody, and stress patterns will come to you naturally so you can use them automatically!
BONUS #3: The “Speak Up” Mindset Training
Unlock Your Confidence So You Can Find Your Voice In English & Own It.
This training will empower you to gain full confidence as an English speaker, even while you work to perfect your pronunciation and shape your accent. Get ready to overcome the most challenging mental blocks that have kept you quiet and shy for years… so you can take control of your voice and say goodbye to speaking anxiety for good!

PLUS…You’ll get ALL The support you need along
the way! From Stefanie, our amazing support team
and our worldwide community!

Weekly LIVE

coaching from Stefanie

Weekly Study Groups &

Practice Sessions

A Supportive Community &

Private Facebook Group

Answers To Your Questions

about pronunciation, accent & voice

AND, for this round of Accent Freedom ONLY…

You can join WEEKLY live group Zoom sessions with Stefanie! In these sessions, you will be able to practice your pronunciation, get feedback directly from Stefanie, watch her work with other students, and get answers to your biggest questions!.

The Best Part?

The Accent Freedom Program is a 12-week course, but you will get LIFETIME access to all the material, our worldwide student community, and the three bonuses! PLUS you will be able to participate in future rounds of this course 100% FREE.

Take the final step to design the voice you’ll love…
for the REST OF YOUR LIFE… and start your journey

The Complete Accent Freedom Program & BONUSES
Here’s what you get:

Lifetime Access To ALL the Accent Freedom Material

Weekly Facebook LIVE Coaching From Stefanie

THIS ROUND ONLY: Weekly Group Zoom Sessions with Stefanie

Private Facebook Group Community (LIFETIME Membership)

Weekly Study Groups & Practice Sessions

Answers To Your Questions About Pronunciation, Accent, & Voice

BONUS: The “Amazing American Accent” Sound Bank

BONUS: The Fluent Pronunciation Training

BONUS: The “Speak Up” Mindset Training

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Option #1
3 Payments of $435
Enroll Here

With The Installment Plan

Option #2
OR…pay in full $1200
Enroll Here

& Pay in Full

The 100% Money-Back Guarantee Safety Net
We want you to love this course and get amazing results! So, if for any reason you feel like this course isn’t for you, just send us an email within the first 30 days for a full 100% refund.
Accent Freedom is about deciding how you WANT to sound and then shaping your voice to match the sounds in your head.

It’s about loving your voice. It’s about having the freedom to play around with your sounds until you find the ones that you love, that make YOU feel comfortable, that represent  YOU as an English speaker. Your voice is simply an instrument, and you have the freedom to play it however you want.

By the time you finish this course, you will have the speaking skills and confidence to truly pursue your dreams in English!

When you finally feel true confidence in your voice
and love the way you sound… it’s life changing.

Instead of…
Being AFRAID to speak (even if it’s just answering the phone)
HATING the sound of your own voice
Being IGNORED by people because
they can’t understand you...
Imagine this is your reality…
You’re EXCITED to speak (even if it’s in front of dozens of people!)
You LOVE how you sound so much that you wouldn’t be afraid of starting a Youtube channel!
You feel VALUED as people listen to
you and hang on to every word that
comes out of your mouth.

Suddenly, you will speak up and feel proud of your voice…
and doors will open for you like never before!

We have HUNDREDS of testimonials and success stories from all of our programs that sound JUST LIKE THIS!

I loved Stefanie’s pronunciation lessons & tasks because they really opened my eyes. I was stuck with the sounds I learnt from Italians at high school and I didn’t notice that native speakers have a different pronunciation. Thanks to her I realized how to sound more natural. Thanks Stefanie, The English Coach for your help! 

Marta from Italy

Stefanie’s pronunciation learning system is amazing. She teaches us how to improve our intonation, vocal placement, how to use our tongue and vocal cords. And, she records her mouth in detail so, we can see what her lips and tongue do. Stefanie’s lessons are educational, but also funny and you will 100% enjoy them! 

Miroslav from Czech Republic


IMAGINE finally being the English speaker you’ve ALWAYS wanted to be…

with a smooth, clear, confident voice.

Tell me, what sounds better to you?

Option #1
Feeling embarrassed of your voice because of how you sound
Always mispronouncing words and people asking "what?" because they don't understand you
Being intimidated by native speakers, especially
other professionals
Option #2
LOVING your voice, and feeling true
confidence everytime you speak!
Speaking English with as much ease and confidence as your native language!
Getting promotions, raises, and AMAZING opportunities because you are a confident, compelling English speaker!

If your answer is “option #2”, I’ll show you EXACTLY how to design your ideal voice (and it’ll change your life forever)…

The Complete Accent Freedom System
Is For You IF…

You’re a fluent English speaker (or almost fluent) but your accent doesn’t match your skill level (you “sound” less fluent than you are).
You struggle daily with your pronunciation and spend more time thinking about how to speak than actually speaking.
You communicate with native English speakers daily and are tired of feeling like a foreigner when you speak or like you “don’t belong”.
You have struggled with your accent for YEARS and nothing has helped you sound how you want to sound, no matter how hard you try.
You suffer from constant speaking anxiety that has held you back from conversations, opportunities and basic daily activities – like answering the phone or ordering food at a drive-thru!
You don’t like your voice and have no idea how to change it. You would LOVE to have a smooth, attractive, confident voice in English.
You tried other pronunciation courses and did NOT get the results you were looking for.
If you said…
“that’s me!”
to any one of these, it’s time to stop letting your accent hold you back from life.

This Could Be YOU…

It’s time to create a voice that you LOVE in English

a voice that gives you complete control over your pronunciation and accent, a voice that is powerful and unafraid, a voice that feels and sounds like YOU


Get answers to all your questions here!

When does the course start?

The course starts Thursday, January 13th @ 12am UTC. However, enrollment closes on January 9th. 

How does the course work?

The course is designed to accelerate your results through a combination of tasks, material and real-life practice. Each week you will receive study material (videos, audio files, & PDFs) and homework tasks. You can complete the material on your own time, and join immersive study sessions with your peers. You will also get to participate in LIVE coaching sessions with Stefanie (on Zoom & on Facebook) each week! If you miss these live sessions because of your timezone or availability, you can watch the replay video as each session will be recorded. The Accent Freedom program is designed to be a completely interactive, structured experience that also allows you the freedom to manage your own time and learn at your own pace.

What happens once I join the course?

Once you join the course, you will get a Welcome Email with all the information you need to get started! This email will give you access to our private online course portal and students-only Facebook group. The online course portal is where we’ll deliver the weekly training, homework tasks, and coaching replay videos. The Facebook group is where you will turn in your weekly tasks, meet your peers, and join interactive study sessions. Both of these are equally important elements of your 12 week journey in the Accent Freedom course!

How long is the course?

The Accent Freedom Program is a 12-week course. But, you get automatic LIFETIME access to all the material AND to our worldwide student community! PLUS, you will be able to participate in future rounds of this course 100% FREE – so you can redo the course as many times as you like. Your one-time registration grants you a full access and LIFETIME membership to the Accent Freedom program!!

What level of English do I need to succeed in this course?

This program is not suitable for English learners at a “beginner” level who barely understand English. However, if you understand Stefanie in her videos, then you are ready to join this program. This program is perfect for English speakers of various skill levels (intermediate through advanced) who are looking to improve their pronunciation and speaking confidence.

What accent do you teach in this course?

I was born and raised in California, USA. All of the pronunciation & accent training is based on my own natural way of speaking. This means you will have a consistent speaking model that you can learn from and imitate. However, the goal of this course is NOT for you to sound exactly like me (unless you want to) but, rather, to help you develop your own clear, compelling, and powerful way of speaking. You will learn exactly how to master crystal clear pronunciation and design your own voice. The voice you decide to “create” is totally your own choice – I just show you how to do it!

Will this course help me sound more like a native English speaker?

Absolutely! You will learn natural American pronunciation patterns, intonation patterns, & more. You will learn how native speakers connect their words effortlessly to sound fluent & clear. Best of all, you will be able to adapt all of the training to your own goals, so you can sound as native-like as you want (or not!). This course will give you the knowledge, training, and guidance to develop your own accent in English, so you can choose exactly how you want to sound. 

How is this course different from other pronunciation courses?

Accent Freedom is a COMPREHENSIVE pronunciation, accent, and vocal training program. You will learn all the “pieces of the puzzle”. From practical speaking concepts (like sound units, intonation patterns and naturally connecting words) to helpful speaking strategies. These speaking strategies give you the keys to developing your OWN uniquely charismatic voice so you can speak with fluent, compelling vocal command.

Here’s what you can expect from this program:

  • You will get STRUCTURE: A random collection of video lessons is NOT going to help you change the way you sound. That’s why this is a focused, “step-by-step” program. You won’t have to think about what to do, how to do it, or even “WHY?”… Just follow the steps, commit to your success, and enjoy your AMAZING, life-changing results.
  • The lessons are profound, but SIMPLE: There’s no complicated, confusing lessons to be found here! Everything is taught in a clear, simple, easy-to-understand way so you “get it”, and can implement it, immediately. Don’t be surprised at how MUCH you learn in every single lesson! 
  • The information is CORRECT and the examples are ACCURATE: I’ve seen pronunciation courses that not only have incorrect information, they also have incorrect pronunciation examples! Imagine practicing your pronunciation and imitating the teacher only to realize the sample audio was totally WRONG. You won’t find ANY of that confusing, inaccurate material within Accent Freedom. 
  • As intuitive as it gets: You don’t need to graduate with a Master’s in Linguistics to get control of the sounds that come out of your mouth. Your brain is a powerful machine, and this program is designed to help you acquire the accent you want, naturally (the way your brain LOVES to learn!). You will learn pronunciation WITHOUT memorizing endless “rules”. That’s the power of the intuitive teaching methods we use  in this course.
  • You will NOT go on this journey alone: The best way to learn is ALWAYS with other people. That’s what makes the experience so fun, memorable, engaging and helps keep you ACCOUNTABLE! Trust me when I say you will have tons of fun and make LIFELONG friends in this program. You will be empowered by our community to work hard, stay motivated and you’ll be connected to students all over the world who are dedicated learners just like YOU.
Will I get feedback in this course?

Yes, absolutely. You will get all kinds of feedback. From both the English FULL:Time team and the Accent Freedom community, we are all here to help you succeed and answer your questions. In fact, one of the FIRST things you will learn in the course is HOW to ask the RIGHT questions so you get the BEST feedback possible. 

What will the weekly schedule be?

You will receive the study material and homework tasks each Thursday at 12:00 am UTC. The live coaching and Zoom sessions will be scheduled on a weekly basis at different times, so all the students in different time zones can have the opportunity to attend. These sessions will always be recorded and the replays will be immediately available for everyone to watch.  

How much time will I need to invest in this course each week?

We recommend dedicating at least 4-5 hours every week to this course if you want to achieve the best results possible and keep up with the material and other students. These 4 to 5 hours will give you ample time to watch the weekly lessons, study the material, do the homework, and watch the replay of the live feedback video. However, like all my courses, this time recommendation is totally optional! You get to manage your own time and choose how you use and complete this course. You will have LIFETIME access, so you truly can learn at your own pace – going as fast or as slow as you want!

The price is in US dollars. Can I pay in my local currency?

Yes, absolutely! Your bank will automatically convert from USD to your currency when the payment is processed. Just proceed to checkout as normal, and if you have any questions about payment do not hesitate to contact us!

I don’t have a debit or credit card. What can I do?

There are three things we recommend. First, you can ask a trusted relative or friend to use their card and then pay them back. You can also apply for a debit or credit card at your local bank. Or, you can set up a Paypal account, (which connects directly to your bank account so you won’t need a physical debit or credit card) and use that. Your payment with us is always secure and protected.

Facebook isn’t available in my country. What can I do?

If Facebook is not available in your country, you can use a VPN service to access it. There are many VPN services available, both free and paid.

I don’t like social media. Do I have to join the Facebook group?

The Facebook group is like our online classroom. It is the most convenient and effective way for us to all connect globally! To take full advantage of everything this program has to offer, we highly recommend you have a Facebook account so you can join our private, students-only Facebook community. This is where you will turn in your homework, interact with your classmates, practice your skills, and build your confidence. It is totally possible to create a Facebook account just to access our Facebook group – think of it as an online portal. You do not need to create a public profile, share personal details, personal updates or anything you are not comfortable with! Our group is completely closed to the public and can only be accessed by other students.

Can I access this course and complete it on my phone?

Yes! That is the benefit of our digital course: you can easily access and complete the entire course using any smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world.

Will I get a certificate when I finish this course?

Yes, you will get a customized certificate of completion with your name on it once you finish this course.

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes! You will get LIFETIME access to all the material and our worldwide student community, PLUS you will be able to participate in future rounds of this course 100% FREE.

How does the guarantee work?

The 30-day money back guarantee means you get to try this course risk-free. If you love it, stay! But if for some reason this course isn’t what you were looking for, just let me know within 30 days (after we start) and I’ll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

I have another question. Who should I ask?

Please send an email to our support team at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 24 hours.